Oct 23, 2021 Relaunching TheCrazyNickShow and pulling the Plug on Atwistedmyth as it was confusing to people and our guests and our re-branding failed. Plus our UK and Australian Fans seem to Like The Old Show.

Oct 21, 2021 Adding New Voicemail Service to the show 

 2019-20 We Are back. After many attempts at hacking our site and files being deleted, We have heard our fans voices. We are returning all but at a slower start but we are preparing more shows for you the listeners and for viewers and twitch shows and youtube videos. We renewed our site and changed things to make it more appealing. Watch the Door. Its Slowly Opening

Early 2019 before Pandemic, was recognized in a shopping Mall as someone yelled out Theres CrazyNick, nobody looked at me except a group of guys and girls running towards me, Good thing i Didn't Run (Thank Lou, Bill, Jess and Tonia)

May 2, 2018 We have received numerous cards and letters from fans and have decided depending on ticket prices we will be going to NYCC this October the week before we get Married and will be going in costume this time as we talk to every cosplayer we can find and interview them live on twitch. We doubt we will be there as press since only tv crews get in but this podcast live video call in radioshow is starting to be known. Just Ask Brimstone

April 2018 Undated restoring back ups but its a slow process, our numbers were reduced by 20,000 views and some of our contributors have been removed without our knowledge stay tuned.

Dec 31, 2017 Happy New Year Everyone! Its Official We were hacked and Lost Data. We have no idea yet how much was compromised but we do know alot of data was deleted and dates were changed. Before anyone asks we have not been broadcasting since the dawn of time, we waited a few dozen decades lol.

Sept 2, 2017 
     Been Experimenting on Twitch and amazed at the numbers of viewers for our testing purposes and are almost ready to go live with exciting A list celebrity that we will announce soon. Also planning a wedding while working 2 jobs and keeping this going while doing show on blogtalkradio which is still on hiatus for another few weeks.

Aug 12, 2017
   We decided to take winter Hiatus' for a short while and line up new shows and guests and trying to get sponsors. We will update you when we can. We also Lost our web person who was updating the site so its taking a while to learn all this myself.

April 20, 2017
 Our Hiatus is almost over and we are about to return to Blogtalkradio to do our show as well as Twitch.tv We will be following the same trainwreck of a format covering all forms of entertainment focusing on different things like Conventions, Cosplayers, Gaming, Movies and Books and Interviews with all our Celebrity Friends. Huge shoutouts to Debbie Rochon and Kelli Maroney and Reyna Young our Friends who helped us get started and will be back on the show.
   Also on a short note we suffered a server loss at the site of our old website host and therefore lost alot of data we are in midst of recovering so dates are skewered and a bit off as Only 1 person is trying to handle site, news, blog, twitter, and facebook. Bear with us.

The Show will be Returning This June ! Watch for Date