These are some questions asked by Fans we have decided to post.

1. What is TheCrazyNickShow?
    It's a Live Talk Radio Show that is way off the norm. We discuss anything and everything and usually bring on guests to discuss these things with. We have alot of info in our about us page. We do Talk Radio/TV Via internet. We are a roundtable talk show and sometimes the side Rant on Pop Culture.

2. So I checked out the show, went into the chatroom and only found 2 people there? Where is everyone?
Well Steve As I said before we have alot listeners who don't participate in chatroom but do listen, Sometimes to Live shows most of the time the Archives depending on their schedules and they  Email and IM and some listen on smartphones. In this day and age not everyone shows up in chatroom. There might be more than you think. 

3. What do the donations go for?
The Donations are strictly used for the Show, For Broadcasting fees, monthly memberships to broadcast sites and to upgrade the feeble equipment we use. We always let the public know where the money goes after years of paying out of pocket we can no longer do it.

4. What Happened to The WebTV shows you Guys used to do?
Due to casting problems we put the TV talk show on hold as we cant seem to find any volunteer spokesmodels or actresses or comedians willing to donate their time for free publicity or sponsors, even Internsor cross promotion, but we found tons of woman willing to show their bodies but we aren't going x-rated.  We ask for volunteer's cause we make no money so cant pay anyone, it also avoid issues.

5. Why are you Rated R and Not PG?
Good Question Jill, We are Rated R 21+  Due to Strong and sometimes Graphic Language, Yes we sometimes Curse Alot, Sometimes we use foul language and sometimes our guests can get a bit graphic. That being said we Ocassionally, get Celebrity Actresses and random Adult Film Star (Film or Cam Models) But for the most Part we focus on The Independants. We go off the deep end ALOT and sometimes our promo's can get R rated.

6. What is the Audio Theater?
The Audio Theater is New and utilizes the great Talents of Voice Actors both professional and Amateur's who lend their voices to unique scripts written by us that will keep you on the edge of your seat and are mostly Sci-Fi/Fantasy Based. But Again due to the problem of finding people who will commit to the short projects its on hold but we have samples on our theater Page. All works are copyrighted, and protected from theft. Be warned.

7. What's the deal with Skype? I never have a problem?
Well Skype is fantastic But around 9pm at night when there isn't many people on skype weekdays it effects the service which can cause outages or issues. After researching this and talking to some agents it was determined that under 699 users on skype can cause stability issues which you may have noticed on some of our shows since me and my cohost connect via skype before doing the show.

8. When is the Show Returning? (UPDATED 11/06/2021 8PM)
Returning Soon watch for details.

9. What is ShadyTavern Productions?
Good Question Jennifer, it is our production company where we produce our audio theater, trailers, films and Photo's. We are in process of restaffing it with more volunteers and interns.

10. What no more Hour Shows? 30 minute shows are not enough!
Well Jim, we have done 1-3 hour shows in the past but have decided on cutting down at times. we go from, blogtalkradio and  We are seeking other options as time progresses which are paid options which my RL can't afford at present.

11. Who is that JoeFlynn Guy your always Talking about?

Well JoeFlynn is Host of the JoeFlynn Show on Createtv in California as well as on blogtalkradio/francy show. He has been doing his show with his Cohost Priscilla for years on Horror. Helping Keep Horror Alive with his excellent Show.

12. What Happened with NYCC? You guy were there for Years for the fans.

 Well Mark, We were a staple at NYCC for years and after some type of revamp there they got extremely strict with policy. This year I spoke to someone High up on the chain who was honest with me whereas others were not. Last few years we were denied because we weren't a tv crew or a blog with over 10k followers. This Person whose name I won't divulge explained to me that my update link on website wasn't updated in 2 yrs even tho content and blog was. My fault for not updating the one line. He also explained they only viewed one blog post not the entire blog or site or listened to any content or interviews but the one post was on dating:social experiment and it did not coincide with NYCC and fact that I did not have enough listeners to warrant coming as Press.

13. Don't they realize any press helps the convention and bring it to those who can't go for whatever the reason ?

No Mark they do not Care, they have had denied my press pass (1 pass) for past 5 years.

14. Didn't they hear the celebrities you interviewed after NYCC who weren't happy about how they treated certain press that wasn't big names?

Mark your lucky Your the last email I got before I updated this. They do not care, every year its a different story when I ask why I am denied and this is 3rd reason from the same person I just didnt save prior emails to question it.

15. What's up with website we heard people complained it wasn't updated in months?

Theres been a few emails on this after a few short shows, apparently mostly NYCC has an issue with the site because they only look at the date its updated no the articles or updates to see the actual dates. That's why we urge everyone to check site because we often do update it and I forget to change the date but update the site.

16. Do we get stuck listening to you, why not get a cohost?
We Sam while my dull voice might be boring to you, we are actively seeking a cohost male or female or both. Its not easy anymore and we might be bringing in special cohosts for shows as we progress further.

17. Why do you have all those half naked models, not that I mind but why are you always promoting sexual stuff?
Well Janet believe it or not we try to get woman with their clothes on to help promote the show and in turn try to promote something they are passionate about but its not easy. apparently every woman doesnt matter showing their body to a degree if it helps them get followers. But its not about sex, woman need to stop thinking that every guy is out to sleep with them. We have an upcoming show on that !!! With Examples ! (No Names Honest Holly)