Endorsements By friends and Celebrity Guests

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Chris Costello (Daughter of Lou Costello)

Alexia Anastasio

Lloyd Kaufman


Brimstone (Via Twitter)

Debbie Rochon : B Movie Queen

Miss Misery Horror Host The Last Doorway Show
"Every Wednesday I kick back with a bottle of blood and listen to one of  CrazyNick's Show's !! He has great guests, awesome questions and he always speaks his mind. When you get chance turn him on and find out what he's all about!"

                                                       --------Miss Misery/The Last Doorway Show

Kelli Maroney Star Night of Comet/Chopping Mall,Ryan's Hope,Etc
"CrazyNick's Show's are one of the BEST shows on the internet. Vewy Sawy---you will love it or I will kick some zombie or killbot blood."   
                                       --Kelli Maroney/actress-producer/more indy credits than you can shake a stick at (so I should know)

Nicole Kruex (aka Nikki Homicide) Ceo of Triwar Pictures
"This is Nicole Kruex Halloween Hauntress and Jack of all film trades telling you that hands down CrazyNick's Show's are a one stop blog talk spot for all things creepy and the people that create them!! Tune in you won't regret it!!!