Order a Drink, Pull up a seat & join your friends for our Roundtable Conversations, covering a wide range of topics.

Ranging from comedy, Geek & Nerdism's, Pop Culture , Today's Issues  and  it's “zany variety show” entertainment,  It’s Pure 100% Fun and 100% Random l!!  We Focus on Entertainment, Including Film, TV, Music which covers Independents, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Paranormal and Comedy. We will also Be covering Gaming and Conventions as well as Fashion.

Our Biggest Draw is NYCC in NYC. We are a staple there and have been there for years speaking to the fans and gathering feedback and Geeking out with our fellow Fans. Our web agent left us not long ago so we are slowing getting things up to speed before NYCC 2016

ATwistedMyth is hosted by CrazyNick  with An Occasional Guest Co-host(s), and is a variety talk show exploring the genres of horror, independent music, cinema & pop culture and more! We created a  comedy/variety talk show where anything goes and usually does. Each week they get to speak to folks in the film, television, arts and music world and discuss all kinds of crazy topics. We all get a bit zany!!

Webster's Dictionary Gives the Definition's Crazy -
being out of the ordinary UNUSUAL
not mentally sound marked by thought or action that lacks reason 
wild and uncontrolled

Webster's Dictionary Gives Definitions of Nick
a final critical moment
to catch at the right point or time

Revised History of the Show

Since the detrimental changes which have been listed in our blog. We are Striving for Focus and Sponsor's.

We Re-branded the show  but still produced by ShadyTavern Productions. Yes we have had different shows over the past few years as we tried to reinvent ourselves but people remember us the most for CrazyNick, even our silent sponsors.

The Show was originally created when  after running 2 other shows, I mused how entertaining it would be to do a live roundtable type show. Back  When We learned of pod-casting, we began to experiment with recording a show,  based around  playing the MMORPG's (online gaming) , general pop culture, current events and geeky topics, and women including fashion and adult models. The first episode was released on February, 2001 to anxious listeners. The second installment, released later saw the addition of various Co-hosts as we were experimenting, trying new things that listeners were suggesting. Subsequent seasons saw the addition of  guests, co-host's and new format's to the lineup. Ending with a successful 2nd season of pod-casts. Later we incorporated Free Give-away's to listeners and Contest's which seemed to be a favorite among listeners which at times would hardly ever appear in the chatroom but would email and text and voicemail feedback.

 Our Shows have been extremely popular with its listeners for over  Eight years, generating a large and loyal fan base that is known to re-listen to past shows again and again, reciting favorite moments almost on-demand. But Due to the Economy, Site Issues and Skype problems we had to move and that cost Us.  The original Show's ended halfway through it's 6th year of production with over 269 released shows and teasers, All Pod-cast's and live Shows.. We have learned we have a large mixed bag of male and female listeners and try to appease everyone, while running the gauntlet of friends and haters as well. We then ventured into Live Cam Broadcasting but still found broadcasting after 10pm made it hard for listeners to visit chatroom's but would explode the download page the following days catching up and leaving feedback.


Our Goal
To Bring you the listener a quality entertainment talk show that you wont find anywhere else and guest's from all over the world.  Entertainment that you can listen to anywhere on any platform on audio and video whenever you have time.

With the Final Re-branding we hope to Rule the World, Grab a Drink and Join us as we take over..

We hope you Enjoy Spread the Word and Send Feedback. All email is read on the Air at some point..Along with Voicemails...

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